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Travel Schedule

I'm available for bookings in Chicago when I'm not traveling.

All-inclusive FMTY package (4H) $2500

Updated Feb. 27th, 2022



Milwaukee              1 - 2nd

Brooklyn                 11 - 13th

Dallas                     18 - 21st

Santa Monica      25-27th

San Francisco​      28-30th 

Augusta               11 - 13th

Dubai                    14 - 17th

Hiatus and FMTY


Tentative with prebookings.


All Things Digital


Updated Jan. 10th, 2022

Digital Content


Want my exclusive content? Visit my NFT collection to own exclusive pieces of my candid and professional photosets.

My NFTs are purchased with Ethereum. If you don't have a crypto wallet and blockchain app, I recommend... Metamask 

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