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Deposit of 20% is required to secure our time.

  Introduction           1.5 Hours    $1000

   Meet & Greet          2 Hours     $1200

Dates 3 hours or more require an outing

Cocktails                     3 Hours    $1600

Lunch/Dinner Date      4 Hours    $2300

 *Priority Booking


            Evening                    6 Hours    $2800


In-date Extension  + $600


1 hour rate of $800 is only available on 

tour and to gentlemen short on time.

Not available for first-time friends.

        Overnights   12 Hours       $4000

        One Day       24 Hours      $5000

Exclusive arrangements



2H minimum + Outcall location required

I enjoy entertaining couples. 

Both people must pass screening.



2H minimum 

I am always open to meet new girlfriends! Call a friend of yours or I can call a friend of mine!

Rates are their’s plus mine.



I enjoy the companionship of women alike and identify as bisexual. As a same sex incentive, female clientele get 30% off dates 2 hours or more.

Jetset With Gene



















Passport Ready

  4 Hours | Dinner Date               $2500

  6 Hours | Evening                      $3000 

   *Inclusive of my flight only

  12 Hours | Brief Escape              $4000

  24 Hours | Whisk Me Away       $5000

  2 Days | A Perfect Weekend    $10,000

  3 Days | Ultimate Tryst             $13,000

  5 Days | Wanderlust                 $20,000

  Each Additional Day                  + $3,000

To secure a travel date with me a

deposit of 50% + airfare + accommodations

is required

Social Dates

Social dates are platonic dates; perfect for getting to know one another organically. 

Requires an outing.

Lunch or Dinner     up to 2 Hrs  - $500

Social Events         up to 4 Hrs  - $800

*My Incall is located in

South Loop - Downtown Chicago

Investments are non-negotiable

Donations are for my time and companionship only.

Anything that may occur is a matter of personal choice between two or more consenting adults of legal age, and is not contracted for, nor is it requested to be contracted for or compensated for in any manner.