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Frequently Asked Questions

Upon Meeting/Manners


Be a gentleman.​ Be polite always. Gentle and non-aggressive. From the moment you reach out to me, and every moment that follows. 


Please refrain from excessive drinking, offensive language, and lewd conduct. If you become intoxicated during our time together our meeting will quickly come to an end and no refund will be given.



My screening process is quick and easy.

Verifiable personal information only.

Your information is handled with utmost care and discretion. 

No unidentified/VoIP (Google Voice, mobile app) numbers. 

Handling Investments


I accept cash and bitcoin. Please take care of the contribution request at the beginning of our appointment. All contributions must be placed in an unsealed envelope in plain view.

In Public

Please slip the contribution in a greeting card or a book for me to enjoy later. 

Cancellation Policy

I reserve the right to cancel at anytime if I ever feel unsafe or disrespected. 

  • 48 hours or more cancellations will incur 25% of full fee

  • 24 hours cancellations will incur 50% of full fee

  • 12 hours or less incur a cancellation fee of 100%


Special Requests

Have you got an attire you prefer me to dress in? Like my nails in a specific color? Outfit requests are available with gift cards starting at $150 or dates 2H or more.

Please be sure to email me prior to meeting!


Poor hygiene is a mood killer. Please shower either at your location or mine before our time together begins. Although grooming is not required, it is appreciated.

Smokers (cigarettes & 420)

If you have smoked prior to our meeting, please use mouthwash or gum before we begin our date.


Your information is handled with utmost discretion and privacy. I will never share your information with a third party, I ask that you do the same. Will sign NDAs if absolutely necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you Covid Vaccinated?

Yes, I received the Moderna vaccine.

  • Do I have to complete screening ?

Yes, screening is required of all new friends. 

  • Do you have any reviews?

I have a strict no-review policy.

  • Why can't I book a one hour appointment? 

My favorite dates are multi-hour engagements and my favorite boyfriends know that I always prioritize longer dates. New friends can book me starting at 1.5 hours or more. This allows us to get better acquainted.

1 hour bookings are only available to established friends with busy schedules.

  • Can I book you on short notice?

To ensure we meet, it's best to book at least 3 days in advance.

  • Can I request a special date outfit?

Of course! I love dressing up or down for any occasion. However outfit requests are only available for dates 2 hours or more. Visit my wishlist to doll me up for our date!

  • When are you coming to my city?

I tour select cities based on prebookings but you can request a 4H date or FMTY and I will make myself available to you.

  • Why haven't you replied to my emails or inquiries?

I receive many inquires daily and often times unsavory or uninteresting inquires are overlooked. 

  • How do I send my deposit?

Choose one of the payment methods:

  1. Make a donation to my Deposit fund.

  2. Scan my QR code to send me Bitcoin for payments and deposits. 


 Copy my wallet address: bc1qqvqnw6fd7xe2elhta028xprrrlzm7u42e9xefw


Setup Your Crypto Wallet

For friends who are new to cryptocurrency or do not have a wallet - I highly recommend Coinbase Wallet app it's a secure and simple way to store your crypto. Ideal for beginners to send and receive assets anytime anywhere with complete financial privacy. 


  1. Download a cryptocurrency wallet app. I recommend Coinbase Wallet for payments and MetaMask for digital content.

  2. Create your account.

  3. Set your PIN.

  4. Write down your Private Recovery Key. It’s a random 12-word phrase. Be sure to write it down in it's exact order. Keep it in a secure place. If you lose or forget this 12-word phrase you won’t be able to access your crypto.

  5. Confirm a few words from your recovery key and you're set!

  6. *Tip* Use ApplePay to buy BTC. It's easier and faster.

Step-by-step tutorial

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